Unfortunately, surgery cannot always be avoided


This is to assist you to be in the best health before surgery in order to optimise physical function and outcomes after surgery.


Surgery is a major medical procedure that often requires physiotherapy. Physical therapy is designed to help you recover properly and faster after surgery. It is possible to go through this form of rehabilitation while you are in the hospital and on an outpatient basis. Rehabilitation can help your muscles heal and strengthen, and restore regular movements in the area that has undergone surgery, and also minimise any pain.

Common surgeries that need to be followed up with physical therapy for full recovery include joint replacements (e.g. knee or shoulder), ligament reconstructions, tendon repairs, and others.

Both young and older people can benefit from physiotherapy after a surgical procedure. Even though children heal much faster, they still need to learn how to function or move around generally without compromising the work that the surgeon has done.

How long is the physiotherapy treatment?

Any form of rehab require will depend on the site and extent of your surgery. The length of rehab will vary as our bodies heal at different rates. Physiotherapy will typically begin during your stay in the hospital. Upon discharge from hospital we are able to provide physiotherapy on an outpatient basis if required.

Generally speaking, physiotherapy occurs in phases, namely the early recovery phase, the strength and range of motion phase, and the functional restoration phase.

Benefits of rehabilitative physiotherapy

  • Improve cardiovascular fitness
  • Various methods of relieving pain
  • Restoring optimal strength, flexibility and range of motion
  • Aid in returning you to previous activities
  • Enhance stamina and endurance

For patients undergoing orthopaedic surgery, there is a post-operative physiotherapy protocol. There is an established guideline that your physiotherapist will follow if you are having a common surgery such as a hip replacement, knee replacement or some kind of reconstructive surgery. Nicki is highly skilled in these protocols and will be able to adjust your program based on your specific circumstances, giving you the best possible physical care.

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